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  • Market Update: What's happening in the world's financial markets?

    Infinity Financial Solutions

    This past month has seen a great deal of volatility on the world’s equity markets. First the Japanese stock market rose and fell and then the global equities took a hit on the announcement from US Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke

  • Chinese Cambodian community: the swing of the pendulum

    Jean-Michel Filippi

    Contrary to what is implied by general concepts like “Overseas Chinese” or "Chinese immigration" the Chinese Cambodian community can’t be simply analysed according to a general model of Chinese expatriation or in analogy with the other Chinese communities in neighbouring countries. In fact, the distinctive features of a Chinese Khmer community have to be searched for in a three-centuries-old history. Even if it is tempting and maybe useful to refer to such concepts as “Chinese identity in Cambodia” or “Chinese Khmer identity”,

  • Snow - City of Ghosts Revisited

    Bronwyn Sloan

    As expats living in Phnom Penh, many of us learn to separate the artificial from the authentic.

    For better or worse, there's something about Cambodia that strips away artifice, and exposes raw character.

  • A visit to Cambodia that could change your life

    Vanessa Vrdoljak

    Let’s face it in many ways Cambodia seems disconnected from other parts of South East Asia. While the world marvels at the economic powerhouses of Singapore and Hong Kong and lauds the development leaps of Thailand and Malaysia, it often seems that Cambodia is being left behind.

  • Pala Pizza – A Diamond Amongst Dogs

    The Farang Foodie

    Going for pizza in Asia is like buying new David Bowie albums – you remember how good it’s been in the past, and you really want it to be good this time, but you know in your heart of hearts that disappointment is the only likely outcome. You wander in whistling Heroes or Life on Mars, you shuffle out humming Hello Spaceboy.

  • A Tale of Two Cities – Bangkok’s Chinatown

    Tim Russell

    I live in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, just a short tuk-tuk ride from Asok BTS station. The balcony of my condo has fantastic views of the gleaming towers of the ‘new’ Bangkok – shopping centres, luxury hotels, office blocks. In 10 minutes I can be shopping at Tesco, Boots or H&M, sipping a latte at Starbucks, or having lunch at McDonalds, Burger King or Subway. In short, this part of Bangkok, the part in which, along with Silom, most tourists spend their time, is much like any other modern city.

  • Are high university tuition fees pricing Cambodia’s expat families out of the market?


    In 2012/2013 applications to the UK’s Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS) dropped 6.3% year on year and it is expected that this trend will continue for 2013/2014 admissions. In actual terms, this means that there were 40,000 less applicants for university places in the UK which represents a significant fall.

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