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  • Around the world in one weekend - without leaving Phnom Penh

    Kathryn Michie

    The sheer variety of restaurants available in Phnom Penh continues to supply me (and everyone else lucky enough to call this city home) with a beguiling array of choices every evening. Missing the culinary specialties of your home country? There's a good chance that you'll be able to find a version of your favourite dish somewhere in this city.
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    Nicolas Axelrod
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  • "Om Tuk" Cambodia's Water Festival

    Cat Barton

    Most people who have lived in Phnom Penh more than a year and have thus experienced an Om Tuk, flee the capital. The migrational patterns of the Khmer dictates all cities empty during Khmer New Year as dutiful urban-migrant offspring return to the paddy field from whence they sprang. At Om Tuk, all people, of all ages, from all provinces across the Kingdom descend upon Phnom Penh.


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