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  • Le Cedre - a taste of Lebanon

    Mitchell Isaacs

    The diversity and quality of the international cuisine available in Phnom Penh is a constant source of surprise and excitement to me, however cuisine from the Middle East has been notably under-represented.

    Needing some sort of pick-up after the aftermath of a rowdy Friday night, I was glad to be going to the opening of Phnom Penh's new Lebanese restaurant, Le Cedre. Greeted by the owners in the stylish front garden, I was quickly ushered to the outdoor dining section, and poured a sharp, but very drinkable red from Lebanon.
    More photos of Le Cedre are available in the EAS Photo Gallery.

  • The Worst Jobs in Cambodia

    Bronwyn Sloan

    Most days, Miz Nazeat is a humble fisherman, plying his trade on the Tonle Sap and Tonle Bassac rivers of Phnom Penh. But when the police call, he takes up a second job. Nazeat is the man who finds bodies and hauls them out of the river.

    The Japanese Bridge has become the capital's Lover's Leap. Every month, at least on star-crossed lover manages to evade police placed along its span and throw themselves into the fast-flowing currents of the Tonle Sap.


    Expat Advisory

    It's like walking on eggshells - the debate continues in the Cambodia Daily letters pages about loudspeaker-equipped egg vending carts. Are they too loud? Are foreigners too sensitive? Just what kinds of eggs are being sold anyway?

    Expat-Advisory's intrepid Investigative Team hit the streets to get some perspective straight from the source.

    What is your name?


    What do they call this kind of egg?

    'Pong Mouen Ang Psoum Kreung Piseh' [Grilled chicken egg with special ingredients.]

    How long have you been selling eggs?

    One year.

    How much does one egg cost?

  • Rural Vampire Repellent

    Expat Advisory

    On the streets of Phnom Penh, John Weeks - 012 425 706 encounters some surreal traffic situations. Simply navigating around makes one yearn for a GPS tracking unit. Street names and numbers may be unlabelled; house numbers obey no rhyme or reason...

  • Clean hands and criticism for Pact plan at BBAC

    Bronwyn Sloan

    A tough crowd greeted special guest speaker at last week's British Business Association of Cambodia (BBAC), Aaron Bornstein. The Chief of Party for the Mainstreaming Anti-Corruption for Equity (MAE) Project, which is overseen by the anti-corruption non-government organization Pact Cambodia, was there to introduce the 'Clean Hands - Clean Business' project to BBAC members.

  • Cambodian police, child rights groups need the public's help

    Bronwyn Sloan

    Cambodian anti-trafficking police have appealed to Interpol for more information on a man believed to have preyed on at least a dozen children here and in Vietnam and posted graphic photographic evidence of his crimes on the internet.

    Anti-trafficking police chief for the Ministry of Interior, Bith Kim Hong, said he has requested Interpol forward him details of the case as police were keen to investigate.

  • Metro - "Where Hip Meets Phnom Penh"

    Claire Superfine

    You don't meet a "founding father" everyday - but I got lucky, and met one from Phnom Penh's nascent restaurant industry. Determined to make Metro Café a success, Aussie owner - Tom - is golden. Recognizing a void of restaurants outside backpacker joints or traditional Khmer, the former chef has identified a niche.

    Metro's swanky yet hospitable atmosphere allows an eclectic crowd to enjoy one thing they share - a taste for modern cosmopolitan class. If trends exist for imitation, I hope Metro is no exception.

Expat Advisory

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