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  • The day the vegetarians didn't have to ditch the dumplings

    Expat Advisory

    t's never easy being a vegetarian in a foreign country. Even if you learn to say "Knom ot che nam sach tee" in your first week, the concept of avoiding meat (and especially fish!) sometimes require a little explanation. Fortunately, Phnom Penh's range of restaurants means that the meat-phobic among us can still have a social life and enjoy some of the amazing food that this country has to offer (just don't try to ask whether anything is made out of fish sauce... it's just easier to be in denial until you get home).

  • Cambodian police, child rights groups need the public's help

    Bronwyn Sloan

    Cambodian anti-trafficking police have appealed to Interpol for more information on a man believed to have preyed on at least a dozen children here and in Vietnam and posted graphic photographic evidence of his crimes on the internet.

    Anti-trafficking police chief for the Ministry of Interior, Bith Kim Hong, said he has requested Interpol forward him details of the case as police were keen to investigate.

  • Clean hands and criticism for Pact plan at BBAC

    Bronwyn Sloan

    A tough crowd greeted special guest speaker at last week's British Business Association of Cambodia (BBAC), Aaron Bornstein. The Chief of Party for the Mainstreaming Anti-Corruption for Equity (MAE) Project, which is overseen by the anti-corruption non-government organization Pact Cambodia, was there to introduce the 'Clean Hands - Clean Business' project to BBAC members.

  • Rural Vampire Repellent

    Expat Advisory

    On the streets of Phnom Penh, John Weeks - 012 425 706 encounters some surreal traffic situations. Simply navigating around makes one yearn for a GPS tracking unit. Street names and numbers may be unlabelled; house numbers obey no rhyme or reason...

  • In Cambodia, Recycling can be Deadly

    Bronwyn Sloan

    In other countries, scrap collectors scramble for cans and bottles. In Cambodia, especially in provinces which experienced heavy fighting, your local "etchay" may have a stash of bombs and bullets.

    Authorities in Banteay Meanchey district on the Thailand border confiscated 6,000 bullets and more than 1,000 bombs and grenades from scrap collectors in the past two days, saying they posed a threat to public order as the seven raided storage areas are mostly located in built-up areas.

  • The Cultural Mores of Moving House in Cambodia

    Bronwyn Sloan

    We were both under the weather. We had packed the kids off to stay with friends and my Cambodian partner had decided to celebrate moving house by spending the night trawling bars, thoughtfully taking my keys with him and leaving me outside with the guard until the small hours of the morning. A whole dead chicken complete with head and legs on the doorstep was the last thing I needed, but there it was. Roasted, Chinese style, its eyes staring and looking a little rancid already in the morning heat and no more attractive for the fact it was reclining on a bed of fruit.

  • Plastic bag fashion is fighting poverty, but can it save the world?

    Bronwyn Sloan

    On a balmy tropical night in Phnom Penh earlier this year, a glamorous fashion show took place. But while a catwalk in Southeast Asia might be expected to rustle with the sound of sumptuous silks, it was recycled plastics as "rubbish couture" that shimmered and swirled when the models stepped out in at this unusual event.


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